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The best Cloud service to improve your customer’s experience with centralized management of various network units managing network transformation and transitions.

Get end-to-end Cloud services with dynamic resource deployment and 24/7 technical support from the experts. Experience seamless operational growth with dedicated network capacity, without worrying about the security of your data.

With our Cloud services, you get:

1:- The flexibility to provision resources with dynamism
2:- Enhanced flexibility, security, and privacy
3:- Improved and efficient use of computing resource

Plan Better with Fixed Monthly Expenses

Setup of a hosted system on some remote server makes it easy for the users to establish the complete cloud computing network without getting into intense IT hassles. The users just need to have a device that supports internet connection. All operational functionality is set up at remote servers that can be logged in to access the hosted data and applications. Since there is no on-premise deployment of resources, capital and operational expenses are eliminated and the users have to bear only a monthly expense that can be scaled as per the increasing or decreasing customer demands. With known investment in IT, organizations are able to plan their core activities in a better manner.

Lock Your Data and Applications on Secure Cloud

Security is the backbone of all crucial business processes. Malevolent efforts to break through the security pillars are rising at a massive pace and it is becoming difficult to preserve the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data and applications hosted on the cloud. Data is an important asset to any organization and intensive cloud security is implemented to keep this data protected all the time. VCZ implements physical security constraints with live monitoring of surveillance cameras. Server and cloud security is assured with antivirus, intrusion detection system firewalls, spyware and malware.

Rolling Data Backup for Ensuring Data Availability

Whether it is crucial financial statements, strategic business plans or sensitive client information every bit of data is important and unauthorized access to this data can prove to be fatal to the functionality of an enterprise. Cloud computing environment is a strong network that is built across a web of interconnected servers located geographically apart. Backup copies of the data stored on the main server are located on the other servers. There is a series of increment and decrement backup procedures that are stringed with the updates of data on the main server. This makes sure that the users can gain all their data in case they lose any of it due to some mishap.







VPS Server Client


Dedicated Server Client

Virtual Cloud Zone delivers rock-solid cloud computing environment to make it easier for the users to bid goodbye to their desktop applications and data storage. All the software business requisites can remain on the server and the users can access their resources from anywhere across the world and at any time. The cloud computing power vested in the hands of the users gives them the freedom to move ahead in the business competition while keeping pace with the technology upgrades, all at a small cost.


Additional firewall protection layers and advanced security systems provide your business with high-level cloud security.

Configure your bare metal server to your specs with customizable processors, RAM, hard drives, GPUs and more.

The flexible nature of public cloud computing is the best way to optimize your IT costs. Experience new cloud management possibilities.

Get a high-performance bare metal server for high-intensity workloads, whether you’re running a single processor server or a cluster of quad processor.

Integrate bare metal with existing VCZ virtual servers seamlessly today, or whenever your application complexity demands it.

Security options for cloud servers include firewalls, anti-virus software, monitoring and host intrusion protection.

What we do

QuickBook Hosting

We are top industry leading QuickBook Hosting Provider at Virtual Cloud Zone’s data centers conform to the most rigorous industry standards, providing regular SOC reports (formerly SAS 70), ISO certifications, as well as HIPAA and PCI compliancy.

Cloud Resellers

We at Virtual Cloud Zone, take pride in our abilities to provide most cost-effective way for cloud server for our customers. We have been successful due to our strong negotiation ability and optimizing our cost measures.

Bare Metal Server

Bare-metal systems within our powerful, redundant infrastructure. All our servers use next-generation components. Each machine is designed and assembled by us, then delivered in a record time of 120 seconds.