QuickBooks makes it easy to work anywhere

QuickBooks Pro Hosting

QuickBooks Pro hosting is increasingly preferred among accountants and tax professionals for the ways that it streamlines your data. You will use QuickBooks the same way you always have with one important difference: you will not need to worry about server maintenance, data storage, or any of the other hosting-related headaches. All versions of QuickBooks can be hosted online for anytime anywhere access. Virtual Cloud Zone hosts all versions of QuickBooks.

Full featured desktop version of QuickBooks Pro in a hosted, cloud-based environment enables 24×7 accessibility and real time collaboration among end users. Access along with other integrated applications for a suite of cloud based QuickBooks productivity.

QuickBooks Premier Hosting Services

At the term suggests itself, “QuickBooks Premier Hosting Services” is the fully functional version of QuickBooks on the cloud which comes with enhanced security in a completely collaborative environment. QuickBooks hosting makes it possible for the small/midsized business owners, accountants & CPAs to access the popular accounting software from anywhere whether home, office or restaurant.

Multiple members of the same team from different places and zone can pool resources on the same account files from anywhere, even if they’re using different operating systems and devices.

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

Our QuickBooks Enterprise hosting service helps you avail your favorite QuickBooks Pro edition over any device of your choice without any restrictions of location. Hosting with us would help you collaborate with different users in real-time to save your time so that you can focus on more critical ventures of your business while simultaneously keep a check on your expenditure.

Discover a whole new way of doing business with our new QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting. It offers protected anytime, anywhere, and on any device access to your data.2 Your team all works with the same information, at the same time - no matter where they are and no matter if they're using a Mac, PC, or tablet. Now, everyone can get more done.

Virtual Cloud Zone delivers rock-solid cloud computing environment to make it easier for the users to bid goodbye to their desktop applications and data storage. All the software business requisites can remain on the server and the users can access their resources from anywhere across the world and at any time. The cloud computing power vested in the hands of the users gives them the freedom to move ahead in the business competition while keeping pace with the technology upgrades, all at a small cost.


Our agile and superfast SSD servers combined with uptight security measures deliver consistent high-performance standards throughout your business accounting needs. We understand that you can’t always have time to deploy technologies and the extravagant machinery. So, we take care of the up-gradation and maintenance process seamlessly at our end.

QuickBooks Enterprise will never be more than a click away from you. Hosting QuickBooks Pro application means you can access, modify, analyze and oversee data on-the-go. It is not only a boon for your staff but also for all the designated clients, as well as all users can work in a multi-user environment while enjoying the benefits of instantaneous live interactions..

With end-to-end encryption, 2-factor authentication Login, firewall, and other strictest security measures, our solutions go beyond typical industry-standards. We guarantee 99.999% server uptime which is the best-in-the-business. The fear of data loss has been readily mitigated with the help of multiple redundancies, backups on multiple locations etc.

QuickBooks Pro Hosting service brings efficient collaboration. With Hosted services you can work concurrently with multiple users from different locations, exactly what you already do from your desktop – like track bills, manage payroll and expenses, create estimates and reports, audit trails, and even print checks. All that under the hood of a fully-managed, dedicated server, giving your business a serious leg up when it comes to productivity.

With QuickBooks Premier hosting solution, the importance of your accounting data is maintained aptly. Our servers automatically keep the instant and secure backups. So, whenever there is the need to recover the data, it is always available.

The VCZ team is here for you 24/7, 365 days of the year. We guarantee 99.99% uptime and promise to address any technical issues immediately. We understand the importance of seamlessly integrated workflow and strive to give you the best, most robust cloud computing experience for your QuickBooks.

What we do

QuickBook Hosting

We are top industry leading QuickBook Hosting Provider at Virtual Cloud Zone’s data centers conform to the most rigorous industry standards, providing regular SOC reports (formerly SAS 70), ISO certifications, as well as HIPAA and PCI compliancy.

Cloud Resellers

We at Virtual Cloud Zone, take pride in our abilities to provide most cost-effective way for cloud server for our customers. We have been successful due to our strong negotiation ability and optimizing our cost measures.

Bare Metal Server

Bare-metal systems within our powerful, redundant infrastructure. All our servers use next-generation components. Each machine is designed and assembled by us, then delivered in a record time of 120 seconds.